Lyocell is a "cellulosic fibre" as it is derived from the cellulose of wood pulp. Although it is a manufactured fibre lyocell is not considered synthetic.

It's properties and characteristics are more similar to those of natural cellulosic fibres, such as cotton, flax (linen), hemp and jute, than those of petroleum-based synthetic fibres (eg. nylon or polyester). 

Lyocell has numerous “claims to fame”. Its ability to absorb excess liquid (perspiration) – at a rate of 50% more than cotton – and quickly release it into the atmosphere, supports the natural ability of the skin to act as a protective shell to regulate body temperature and maintain water balance. At the same time because moisture is directly absorbed and transported to the inside of the fibre, rather than the surface it does not give bacteria a chance to grow. As a result, clothing made of lyocell remains odor-free for multiple wearings much longer than cotton. This means fewer washings and saving on water and energy as well as on the wear and tear that occurs on any fabric from the washing and drying processes. By contrast, synthetics have hundreds to thousands of times higher bacteria count over the same time periods as lyocell. Even better, lyocell’s anti-bacterial property is inherent to the fibre without the chemical additives that are used on synthetics and many cotton products.

Lyocell fibres are also gentle on the skin. The microscopic surfaces of lyocell fibres, due to the nanofibrils, are smoother than the surfaces of modal, cotton and wool, reducing skin irritation. It is the combination of this extremely smooth surface of lyocell and excellent moisture absorption that makes lyocell textiles feel so soft and pleasant to the skin, making them ideal for active wear, clothing for sensitive skin and luxury items. In addition, lyocell is hypoallergenic and anti-static and fabric made from it doesn’t cling.

Your Luxury T-shirt may be machine washed on a gentle cycle - front loaders are best. Use a warm or cold setting to wash, and cold to rinse. You may tumble dry your Luxury T (we do). If you do choose to tumble dry your Luxury T do so on medium heat or permanent press setting. ALSO be aware it might shrink up to 3-5 percent the first time it's dried. Lyocell fabrics can become stiff if they are allowed to air dry. You can soften them by putting the item in the dryer with a soft towel on low temperature or gently ironing.

Re Ironing - Lyocell fabric dries relatively wrinkle-free, but if you want to spruce it up with an iron, use a warm or "synthetic" heat setting and turn off the steam. High heat can damage Lyocell, especially microfiber fabrics, and steam can leave spots that won't come off until the next washing. A safe option is to hang the item in a warm, moist area, such as a shower.

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