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Jane Ramsay is the go-to brand for simple, luxury travel essentials. 

We specialize in luxury travel essentials, and season-less items that you can layer for versatility. The best white t-shirts. The perfect silk cargo pant. Jeans that fit. Beautiful silk shirts. Timeless pieces inspired by Jane’s own lifestyle or those of our muses both past and present. Pieces that easily integrate into your existing wardrobe that you return to time and time again.

 We take a sustainable approach to all that we do. We avoid plastic bags wherever possible. We work with natural fibers. We endeavor to give back to society by opening our business to charities and organizations for fund-raising. We develop long term and meaningful relationships with our suppliers and clients. Our pricing is honest. We work with small suppliers whose names we know and who know us. We pay them fairly because they are important. Sometimes we even pay more because we are a small brand doing small quantities, but this makes us more exclusive. We are exclusively an online brand so we only apply a simple 2x mark-up. This means a $99 Jane Ramsay item is actually the same as a similar item that would sell for upwards of $250 in retail stores.

For Jane Ramsay, ‘Style is about finding key, effortless pieces to build upon, that feel as good as they look’ And for the Australian, Hong Kong & Los Angeles based Designer, this has informed her extraordinary fashion career and the development of her exclusive label.

Driven by the knowledge that ‘simple is beautiful’, it would seem natural as a busy working mother to four children, Ramsay would create a brand that provides the seasonless classic items to form the foundation items that define looks that work for her and women like her, who appear effortless but are high on style. 

“ My signature style is for women who love luxury and fashion but with a relaxed approach that is never 'over-done'. Women like myself who are World Travelers with busy lives who demand quality and ease at all touch points. As a woman I love luxurious fabrics but not over-designed clothes. As a designer I value impeccable taste and style over all else. I love that Jane Ramsay has become a go-to-brand that women wear confidently in their every day life, and always project chic and ageless luxurious style."

Like Jane herself, the Jane Ramsay woman values cut, fabric, quality - and attention to detail but has a relaxed, and effortless interpretation; she cares about the environment; she is a champion of other women; and she needs clothes that move easily through the multi-facets of daily life. 

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