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Jane Ramsay

Posted on March 06 2012

When I started Jane Ramsay I wanted to think differently about the sales channels that exist out there to sell my clothes. I could take my beautiful first collection and begin to knock on doors of boutiques or department stores to sell in the traditional manner that one sells and promotes a new fashion brand... However given the market conditions, and the thought of my collection ending up as a few pieces determined by some buyers edit, On-line was the channel I chose. It just feels right to me. It represents my life style, how I buy these days, and how I wish to showcase my brand.

I began contemplating buying fashion on-line about 7 years ago, however I think I then took another 2 or 3 years to have the confidence to purchase! I would get to the check-out and somehow always cancel the sale through fear. Fear of passing over my credit card details. Fear of the goods not looking like what they looked like on screen. Fear that the quality would be horrible without the ability to touch and feel. Fear that they wouldn’t fit or fear that just wouldn’t look good on me. Then when I finally did make my first on-line purchase it was with nervous anticipation I awaited it’s arrival. Would it arrive? Maybe they just took my money and didn’t send it? How would I deal with this when the company I purchased from was based in another country? However my fears were unfounded and the goods did arrive and it was so exciting to receive goods in the mail! I hadn’t counted on that part. It really was like a gift, even though the items I had purchased came in a factory covered plastic bag, shoved in a postal pack! That is why with Jane Ramsay I am very pedantic about all items being beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, then placed in one of my silver Jane Ramsay bags. And since that first purchase I am hooked on the ease and convenience of on-line.

My experience taught me that it can be quite a big deal to gain the confidence to purchase on-line, and possibly even more so from a new and unknown label unless it is super cheap and poses no real risk. So it is with this in mind I fashioned my return policy to ensure that if you purchase from my site and the goods are not as you anticipated or do not fit you, we will credit you a full refund and reimburse your return postage costs. I am also doing so because I know my focus on delivering you a beautiful quality garment, with attention to cut and fit will ensure that in most instances you will absolutely love your choice.

The other thing that appeals to me about on-line is the exclusivity of what I am doing, and the organic nature of it’s growth. I love that in order for me to grow it is necessary that each and every purchaser loves their Jane Ramsay piece and experience enough to have the confidence to re-purchase, and share my brand in a word-of-mouth manner with their peeps! There is an intimacy in that I am able to directly sell to and engage with, clients all over the world rather than through the interpretation of another retailer. I love that each of you can email with questions or comments. If you are either happy or unhappy I am directly available at the end of my email. Through your feedback we get to evolve and improve together.

***NOTE: The opinions and topics covered in this Blog are intended as a conversation with the reader, and reflect my own personal views and opinions, and are not intended to represent expert knowledge or advice.

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