Who Am I?

Jane Ramsay

Posted on March 05 2012

Welcome to the very first Jane Ramsay blog post telling everyone a little about who I am, and sharing a little about the start of the journey!

My entire career has been in the fashion industry. I’ve worked across almost every area; from design, to production, to sourcing, retail, and ultimately trend forecasting. I have always loved the business side of fashion, as much as the creative challenge of designing to meet other people’s needs, so until now I have never felt compelled to launch my own label or design from my own perspective.

So what changed? I simply began to NOT find what I was looking for. So I thought it’s now or never. I have always had people wanting to emulate my style. I had years of industry experience. I had even gained a Masters degree in Business to add to my credits… Why not?

Why not indeed! In terms of a time to launch a business there were a thousand reasons why not! In the wake of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis for those who have been lucky enough to be under a rock!) I would be entering an over-saturated industry where fashion boutiques world wide were struggling to meet budgets. With literally hundreds of brands vying for their diminishing open-to-buys, the last thing needed was yet another (unproven) fashion brand. Another concern was that as the pressure went on the industry so too did pressure on price. Everyone was trying to produce things for increasingly low prices, and naturally the only way that can occur is to look for cost saving methods that ultimately affects quality as well. Market indicators were demonstrating that the only ones doing well in tough economic times were the very cheap OR the super expensive. The middle market was disappearing.

Yet here I was hankering for luxury! The thought of chasing a price motivated market, where I would have to use cheap, poor quality fabrics, and then produce the garments in vast quantities left me cold. Similarly to produce products that retail in the thousands of dollars category didn’t resonate because there are not many people in the real world that I inhabit that can afford those prices. So I thought how can I do it differently? What market exists out there that I can fill? The answer I arrived at was My Market. I can not intuit another person or groups needs but I can know and fulfill my own, and hopefully in so doing the authenticity of what I produce will resonate with others.

I am an aesthete. I need to surround myself with things of beauty in order to feel good and this extends to my clothes. Not only do I want them to look beautiful. I need them to feelbeautiful, and that applies to both the touch of the fabrics and how the garments move and feel on my body. I want my clothes to somehow impute beauty and luxury that enable the wearer to inhabit that sensory world. Every woman who wears Jane Ramsay shouldfeel beautiful. I want to make luxurious clothes with attention to detail, but I want to make them for women like myself who although they want this do not have the time or budget to indulge in the top-tier luxury brands of the world. So Jane Ramsay provides luxury fabrications and styles and packaging but with an eye on keeping the prices within the realm of what I call the ‘real world’!


***NOTE: The opinions and topics covered in this Blog are intended as a conversation with the reader, and reflect my own personal views and opinions, and are not intended to represent expert knowledge or advice.

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