Whitney Museum of American Art - NYC

Jane Ramsay

Posted on June 17 2015

Last week in New York I visited the Whitney Museum of American Art in its' new location in the West Village/ Meatpacking District of lower Manhattan to fuel my passion for contemporary art. Both fashion and art are my two great passions, as they allow for creative expression, and provide me with a language for my personal style. Being driven by aesthetics, the two also provide cross-pollination of ideas to hopefully create clothing unique to me, and it's for this reason I love wandering around galleries.

The new Whitney Museum of American Art is housed in a stunning new building designed by famed Italian architect Renzo Piano. The building itself gives as much pleasure as the art. With views that over-look the Hudson River, there are spaces for the visitor to sit and contemplate at the Western end of each floor. And as it is conveniently located at the southern entrance of the High Line Park the four large terraces at the Eastern end of each floor provide stunning views of both the High Line and Greenwhich Village as well.

As well as well-known contemporary American artists such as Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Franz Kline, and Cy Twombly there are also many lesser known (at least to me!) artists such as Robert Bechtle "61 Pontiac" painting, that provide varied glimpses into contemporary Americana life and art.

Even for those easily bored by galleries the Whitney is so worth a visit. Spend a few hours in the morning - start from the top and walk down. Be sure to wander out onto the terraces to take in the views and the in-situ sculptures - Follow it with lunch at one of the many yummy places to eat around there, and then wander along the High Line Park.

PS: Seems I'm not the only one impressed with the Whitney. The Latest edition of US Vogue magazine (with Amanda Seyfried on the cover) features an interesting article on the new Whitney and shares some information about the long line of "Whitney Women" responsible for the museum, and well worth a read.



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