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Jane Ramsay

Posted on May 07 2014

Three women and one little girl recall a special memory they have of their Mother and travel. We asked three women we admire to share their stories, and were deeply moved by their love for their Mum’s. Jane Ramsay’s little girl Tallulah, age 9, also shares a special memory to her of a big night out with Mum.
Happy Mother’s Day everyone, here’s to all the great Mumories x
Shelly Horton
Co-host of, and contributing journalist to Mr + Mrs Smith and Life & Style


I grew up in a small Queensland country town called Kingaroy. Population 5000. However my parents are far from typical country folk, they had the travel bug and they had it bad! Our family lived in Canada for a year when I was only 8 years old. Then two years later my parents took my brother and I out of school for a year and we travelled around Europe in a camper van.
About ten years ago my dear grandfather passed away. He was rich with love not money so our family inheritance was a few thousand dollars. Mum was worried we'd be sensible and put it towards boring things like mortgages and groceries so she had an idea... we should go to Thailand as a family.
We'd only been there a few days when Mum broke down in tears, worrying that Papa would have thought this was an extravagant waste of his hard earned savings. To help her feel better I took her down to the beach for a walk and a pedicure.
Suddenly my Dad raced down to the beach to find us - he'd been in the hotel room watching the Asia Pacific News channel that shared content with ABC TV where I was a reporter at the time.
It was replaying one of the stories I had done from 18 months ago - a story about my grandfather and his involvement with the Masons.
It was a sign. Papa was with us in Thailand. That night we had a toast to him and then proceeded to have a magical family holiday none of us will ever forget.
Thanks Mum. It was a great idea. I love you and I love travelling with you. Shelly xxx
Amy Crawford
The Holistic Ingredient blog, author of A Nourishing Kitchen, CTC Practitioner, Health Coach.

My Mum was a kindergarten teacher and a much loved one at that. I recall when growing up people of all ages racing up to Mum in the street, excitedly re-introducing themselves and telling her how much they loved her as a teacher - I was of course always bursting with pride! I think it's the little things Mum has always done that make her extra special to me and others, the small thoughts that mean so much.
My strongest memories of Mum and travelling are of trips to our holiday house in Tasmania. We have such wonderful family memories. Our house was just 200 metres from the beach, it was glorious. Mum would ring a bell at lunch time to call us up to the house each day (our faces covered in brightly coloured zinc) and up we'd race for a nourishing lunch. One of my fondest memories I have, is waking up on Easter Sunday to hunt for Easter Eggs. Mum had created little bunny footprints out of flour around the garden and even had some running up a tree. I laugh to this day about that because it never occurred to me at the time that bunnies don't actually climb trees. Bless you Mum for allowing me to believe in the Easter Bunny well past the 'use by' date!
Jane Rocca
Fashion Editor and Music & Features Editor The Weekly Review, Sunday Life Magazine, Contributing Music Writer The West Australian, Author.
It took a tragedy and a giant leap of faith to get us both on the plane bound for Europe as mother and daughter 13 years ago. That’s when I decided to take my mother Clara on her first trip back to Italy. She migrated to Melbourne with her mother and sister at the age of nine and never returned to see her birthplace. It saddened me she hadn’t gone back, but life got busy, she raised two children and still runs a successful menswear business with my dad in Melbourne’s inner north.
When my brother Matthew died suddenly from a short illness with cancer at the age of 20 [now 14 years ago] I felt a sense of urgency for mum and I to connect the dots back to where it all began for her. To rediscover the place she called home in southern Italy. When she spoke of Gizzeria, Calabria, her memories point back to those of a young girl with her eyes fixed on the views of the Mediterranean Sea, of endless days spent on an olive farm where her mother would collect them in woven baskets and hours spent with cousins and friends in the foothills of lush green pastures of hilly Gizzeria.
She was like a wide-eyed young girl ready to explore Italy once we arrived. We hung out with relatives in Rome and saw where our academic roots stem from – with a Professor uncle who took us to his workplace at Rome University, cousins who are doctors, others architects and even Roman archeologists. We got lost in the tight laneways of Venice as we chased the Biennale, we saw a Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera exhibition in Florence under a warm sun and took a train to Naples unafraid of the pickpockets – we are after all Italian and could trick even the most cunning of thieves that we knew what they were up to. I felt like I was on a road trip with a best friend, a confidante; a thrill seeker like me. We were on a mission to have fun and we did.
Mum and I shopped together, cried together, laughed together. We both have a love of leopard print and our suitcases were exploding with woollen luxuries, leather skirts, leopard print coats and pointy toe shoes. It gave us quality time away from dad. We grieved about my brother, we embraced the light of each new day, and we told each other we loved one another more often than not. It’s a time I look back on with utmost affection. Now as a mother of two young children [Estelle, six months; Sunny, 3] I realise what it means to have a great one by your side, guiding you as best she can, leaving you to make your own decisions and warming to the choices you make.
We don’t make a big deal of Mother’s Day, but ever since this occasion we have remained committed to travel and getting away together – most recently as a family to Byron Bay just last month. Our tip to you - don’t waste another minute. Seize the day!
Tallulah McCoach (age 9)
Student, budding photographer and daughter to Jane Ramsay

On my birthday - I was turning nine - I woke up and ran into Mum and Dad's room. At the end of the bed were my presents. When I opened the card there were Taylor Swift tickets for her concert in December!! I opened the rest of my presents and Mum and I spent a great day together shopping and exploring the city. Then I waited over a month for Saturday 14th of December when Mum and I went to Taylor Swift. I was so exited I thanked Mum the whole time we were walking. When we got there Guy Sebastian was singing at the start, but when Taylor Swift started singing I was screaming so loud! Poor Mum! '22' and 'Trouble' were my favourite songs and ‘We are Never Getting Back Together' which was the last song it also had fireworks at the end. I love my Mum. She is the best Mum in the universe and I'm so grateful. It was the best night of my life. Thank you Mum
From Tallulah xo
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