The Perfect Pant to Travel In

Jane Ramsay

Posted on November 17 2017

When people ask me what the Jane Ramsay Brand is about I generally answer, “Oh it’s very simple really. Just quality, well cut clothes, in natural fibres. The type of items that become your every day wardrobe staples” …And then I add, “With a little bit of travel thrown in!” How’s that for confusing? Travel? What?
The whole travel thing came about accidently, because part of what I called my Luxury Basics Collection was a silk cargo pant I called the Camilla. It was designed because I wanted an every day alternative to jeans. It had meet all the same criteria as my jeans so I would actually want to wear them; comfortable, ability to dress them up or down, versatile. A quest for the perfect casual, but elegant pant.
Okay I’m still getting to the travel part… It came about because the Camilla Pant is basically the perfect pant to travel in. From the outset it was a best seller. It seems to flatter almost every figure regardless of size or height, and it is damn comfortable. It is made from a silk satin that is 95% silk with 5% elastane, and the satin side (the soft shiny side) is on the inside next to your skin. They feel amazing!
Suddenly a pattern began to appear, customers would return from a trip somewhere and pop by or email to tell us that they took their Camilla Silk Cargo pants on their travels and just lived in them. They would then buy either another color, or another pair of the same color as they were worn so much they were worn out, or they kept one pair for good and one for everyday. Such is the power of the pant hahaha!
What made them work so well? Consider what you need when dressing for travel, and they meet all the criteria. You need to be comfortable. You need to wear clothing that is not constricting. Clothing that is breathable. You will be seated and/or potentially sleeping for long periods of time so stretch and movement is a further criteria, in addition to wrinkle resistance. You do not want to arrive looking like you just slept in your clothes even if you did! You also need your outfit to be flexible enough for multiple stages in your journey. Most people do not travel first class like celebrities with the ability to shower and wash onboard to arrive looking ready for a photo op, so it helps to wear clothing that will have you arriving at your destination looking as good as possible.
For me personally, the Camilla Silk Pant has become my travel uniform. I wear them in Black (& now Navy) as they wont show up any potential mid-flight mishap. I pair them with a Luxury T-shirt, and generally a comfortable pair of wedges. I usually also wear my old favorite Lucia Leather Jacket from earlier collections and a scarf or wrap, because it is often chilly onboard. When onboard I exchange my shoes for ultra glamorous compression socks, and I am ready for bed or whatever position I manage to get myself into J knowing the elastane in the pants allows me to sleep in them comfortably on long-haul flights, and still arrive looking presentable! An added benefit is that the lyocell fabric of the Luxury T-shirts is anti-bacterial and does not retain body odours, so altogether I have the perfect travel ensemble. And an outfit that can take me anywhere.
Beyond the actual journey, the Camilla Silk Pant has further attributes that contribute to its’ Perfect Travel Pant status. They are super light weight (because we all know how important staying within the baggage limit is & maintain room for holiday shopping), and they may also easily be hand-washed in shampoo in your bathroom sink and left to drip dry over-night if necessary. Because these pants are elegant, flattering and easy to wear I end up wearing them in a variety of ways throughout whatever trip I am on. They look great with a heel for going somewhere more dressed or they also work worn with a pair of trainers when out shopping or sight-seeing. They are seriously the perfect travel pant. Shop the Camilla now!

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