Rhiannon in NYC

Jane Ramsay

Posted on May 02 2014

Where did you stay?

I stayed in a 3 bedroom loft on Grand St in SOHO - lower was perfect for me because I was looking for a more local experience and really wanted to immerse myself in the city.

Hmm that's hard! I would have to say walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with my sister, it was a nice moment to share together and we had such a beautiful view of the city.

Fave places to eat?
There was the most adorable french cafe called 'Cafe Gitane' in Nolita, I loved it because it had the cutest seating arrangement out the front which faced onto the street and was perfect for a pastry and people watching!

Best Fashion Moment?
I was shopping in SOHO and was stopped by a man named Charles Eshelman, he was a fashion photographer and asked if he could take some photos of me for his blog...of course I was wearing head to toe Jane Ramsay. It was a very flattering moment.

Lower Manhattan is filled with independent art galleries, I loved wandering into them in between destinations and shopping. the diverse range of graffiti art was also impressive!

Inspirational or Memorable Moment?
I was on my own for majority of the trip and being able to explore an unfamiliar city was exciting, stepping outside your comfort zone can be tough but its very rewarding!

Favorite JR pieces you traveled with?
Definitely my Reagan coat and my Lucia leather jacket which I wore religiously.

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