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Jane Ramsay

Posted on July 03 2012

Two weeks ago I opened my first Pop-Up store inside the Made in Japan site at 276-278 Coventry Street, South Melbourne and so far things couldn't be going better. My good friend, decorator Tanya Pallopson of Ticking Stripe brought in some "Jane Ramsay style" homewares and furnishings to create another layer of ambiance to the store and give me some support with staffing. Funnily I was super nervous about actually selling my collection direct to the public instead of from my website. Direct contact opens you up to direct feedback both good and bad and I was worried I might be too sensitive to receive it! I needn't have worried - the feedback has been amazing! If anything the critiques have come from me as I look for ways I might improve. However I do joke with customers as they ask "Who is Jane Ramsay?" - "It's me, so lie to me if you don't like it!"

Seriously though the main feedback has been that the clothes not only fit really well but the touch and feel of them on the body is so superior that the website doesn't do them justice... which is a worry given I am a web-retailer! The luxury T's are flying out the door. Every T shape is developing a following - once they find the shape that works customers tend to buy one in each colour! Furs and knits are also hits (mainly because they are serious bargains now and it is freezing here in Melbourne!) because they are so tactile, and just like the web-sales the Camilla Silk Cargo remains Numero Uno!


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