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Posted on April 09 2013

Name: Rebecca Joyce (23)

Home: Brisbane

Occupation: I graduated from The University of Queensland in 2011 with an extended major in Art History. After working to save for a trip to Europe in 2012 I’m back at UQ to do Honours. My thesis will be investigating a few contemporary Japanese artists working in sculpture. I’m working towards becoming an Art curator and Academic.

My style is:  At the moment I love a relaxed take on classics with few accessories. I’ve always naturally gravitated towards individual pieces I like rather than subscribe to a particular look. I try to avoid messing around too much with my hair and make up to keep it natural but polished. When I choose clothes I like to work with a blank canvas that is easy to adapt to different styles depending on the occasion. My wardrobe staples are a well cut shirt in a flattering cut and colour, dark skinny jeans, a few basic round neck long sleeve shirts with the sleeves pushed up, a statement jacket preferably cropped or with military details, and a Cheongsam for a night out.

Favourite Jane Ramsay Piece: The Rebecca Luxury T (of course), closely followed by the Cate Classic Shirt - nothing beats a genuine all rounder in a beautiful colour.

What are you listening to: Radiohead, Beirut, Frank Sinatra and a mix of classical music for studying.

Fave music style: Classical for easy listening and rock

After a hard day: I’ll take a long shower then get into bed and either go straight to sleep or read my book.

At party’s you’ll find me: Eating if it’s the kind of party with food or simply enjoying time with friends.

I’m inspired when: Someone perfectly puts into words a thought that I couldn’t explain better myself…pretty much whenever I read Joseph Borges. I particularly love The Aleph and The Zahir.

Can’t live without: To be serious my siblings but on a lighter note my friend calls me ‘camel’ because I always have my water bottle filled and ready!

Favourite Colour: Has always been Navy

Favorite Place: So far Hong Kong and before that Disney Land! We went there when I was eleven (the perfect age for all the rides). To me it was so amazing that the memory is still burnt into my mind.

Best shopping: Japan.

Favorite artist: This is a hard one but Cezanne first comes to mind because in my first year of art history I had a moment of clarity in class when viewing his work blown up on a massive slide.

Necessary extravagance: Natural skin care

Being Australian is: Authentic

I just read: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

My guiltiest pleasure: Anime

My life motto is: Every artist was first an amateur - Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Mother always told me: “Be the best you can be… “ She is clearly a great mother.

I grew up listening to: Early on it was mixed tapes on family drives from Wollongong to Melbourne and later my brothers’ RnB and rap music when he was old enough to take control of the CD player in the car.

How do you work-out: Ride my bike, play touch-football once a week with friends and try to swim whenever I can.


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