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Jane Ramsay

Posted on April 03 2013

Name: Rhiannon Joyce (20)

Home: Sydney

Occupation: I just finished studying Communications Business, with a double major in Marketing and Advertising at Bond University on the Gold Coast. I’ve just moved to Sydney and am saving to go to Mexico and South America for three months mid-year.

My style is: I would definitely say that my style is more edgy than your typical girly look. I like that striking and crisp look as opposed to frills and bows. When I’m wearing something more chilled, I love my basics like jeans and a T. But when I’m getting dressed up I love standing out (guilty), so I tend to compliment my outfit with statement pieces, whether it’s my clutch, jewelry or shoes. Right now I’m obsessing over leopard print, boots and sequins…just never all together!

Favourite Jane Ramsay Piece: Definitely the dream weaver skirt from the first collection, it so versatile because you can wear it casually or dress it up. I can’t go anywhere without someone complimenting me on it, it’s the best feeling!

What are you listening to: Right now I’m obsessing over Flume, The Weeknd and ASAP Rocky…

Fave music styles: Definitely rap - my brother is responsible for this obsession!

After a hard day: I tend to go for a run or a walk, to clear my mind…then I’ll cuddle up on the couch in a hoodie and watch a TV series.

At party’s you’ll find me: Definitely on the dance floor!

I’m inspired when: I see other people do amazing things; it drives me to succeed in my own way. I have a competitive nature and it makes me think…if they can do it than so can I, but better.

Can’t live without: Unfortunately I’m your typical Gen Y and have my phone glued to my hands…. I’m obsessed with snap chat and instagram, and most of my friends live interstate so I’m always messaging them.

Favourite Color: Obsessing over red at the moment.

Favourite Place: Wategos beach at Byron Bay and internationally I would say L.A.

Best shopping: I love shopping in L.A.

Favorite artist: Film wise, Quentin Tarantino!

Necessary extravagance: Ridiculously high heels;-)

Being Australian is: The best because everyone loves Australians! When I’m overseas with friends we always get looked after, because of the fact that we’re Australian!

I just read: Game of Thrones, I am a G.O.T fanatic, and I’m eagerly waiting for the 6th book to be release, only two years to go.

My guiltiest pleasure: I would say getting addicted to HBO TV series and buying clothes. I have no self-control.

My life motto is: Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay its not the end.

My Mother always told me: My mum is literally my go-to-girl for advice, she’s taught me a lot over the years, but probably the most relevant advice she’s given me is… “There’s no point worrying about what others are doing, you can’t control their actions…focus on making yourself a better person and what you’re doing.”

I grew up listening to: FIVE and Aqua…how embarrassing haha.

How do you work out: I’ve always been really into fitness, I use to play a lot of basketball, netball, and did athletics. Now I just generally walk or run 3 times a week, and then I’ll randomly do some sort core exercises as well.


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