Mandy (JR Account Manager) Shares her recent Month in Europe

Jane Ramsay

Posted on July 20 2014

Where did you go?
I recently went to the UK, France, Switzerland and Italy with my husband Sunny. It was a dream come true trip. Not only had I always dreamed about visiting London, Paris and Switzerland but it was also our second honeymoon after our first (short) one to New Zealand which we absolutely loved too.

Where did you stay - as you stayed at so many places maybe just a couple of highlights?
I booked most of my hotels through Expedia except for the one in Paris which I booked through My favourite hotel was Palazzo Giovanelli in Venice. Situated right on the canal, it has amazing views and very efficient service.

Favourite places to eat, favourite meal?
I loved dining at La Zucca, a restaurant in Venice, and also a restaurant called Palae which was in the corner of a very quiet, romantic street in Venice.
I also still remember the taste of vegetarian samosas from one of the Pakistani shops near Big Ben in London. A few times we had surprises with food when we were served something totally different to what we thought we ordered! The kebab shops in Italy were surprisingly amazing too.

Inspirational or Memorable Moment?
The train journey from Zurich to Milan through the Swiss Alps was amazing. We just loved every single scenic view there. The train goes through mountains, beautiful tunnels, amazing nature and along the sea. All little towns on the way are stunning. The train system in Switzerland is wonderful.

What did you pack?
I carried mostly my Jane Ramsay clothes because all the colours are so easy to mix and match for different occasions. Most of JR clothes weigh nothing and are so easy to maintain.
All JR clothes are my favourite but I absolutely lived in the leather jacket, skinny jeans, camilla cargos, leopard scarf, tallulah and tessa Ts. Anna singlets just made my life easier. Arabella trench coat worked well for coping with changing weather in London. Frankie top, abigail pants and leopard shirt were repeated many times!

Do you have a strategy for packing?
I always fold most of my items to avoid creases but a few things are better rolled up. All lightweight things like undergarments, socks and belts go into corners and nooks. Toiletry bag, I pack on the top, to keep it handy. I put all expensive and delicate things in my handbag to keep them safe.

Any websites or resources you use for planning your holiday OR tips on travelling?
Websites that I referred to were,, tripadvisor and Always check what is the service fees of these websites as its better to pay all together on one transaction rather than paying service fees and transaction fees for each of them. We also realised it is much better to take out money from ATM or use credit card rather that exchanging money in Europe as all exchange places give a low exchange rate and charge a lot of exchange fees too. Always have some cash handy too.

Where to next?!
Haven't decided my next trip yet but whenever it will be, I would love to go to LA. Hurry up with that LA store Jane Ramsay!


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