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Jane Ramsay

Posted on December 06 2017

We are in that time of year again where we are like little squirrels storing nuts for Winter (metaphorically speaking that is, since it is obviously NOT Winter in the Southern hemisphere!). I mean that there is something about the end of the year that gets us all into a frenzied mode of preparation for endings and beginnings whether we celebrate Christmas or not. For most of us in Western society even if we do not go away somewhere, it is a time of public holidays, and getting together with family and friends. End of year parties and annual catch-ups, and of course the big party that is New Years Eve.
All these occasions can find us feeling somewhat overwhelmed in the style department. What will we wear when? Will the budget stretch for new purchases? So two things to consider so that you do not end up spending money on items that will never again see the light of day!
The first thing I like to consider is “Will you wear it again?” In the interests of sustainability for both the environment and finances the concept of purchasing items that are likely to only be worn once is something none of us should be doing.
The second thing I consider is buying smart. It is a time of higher than usual expenditure so take advantage of Christmas offers to not only buy the gifts you need but replenish your own wardrobe. Most companies run promotions in the holiday period so keep an eye on your inbox.

With these 2 things in mind I like to keep things simple.

Jane Ramsay Luxury Basics are simple and elegant classic pieces designed to fill the gap in your wardrobe. They’re the sartorial glue that enables you to pull together new fashion purchases…eg. the Jean and T over which you throw your new statement jacket you’re desperate to wear as much as possible!

Jane Ramsay Luxury T’s are stylish enough that you can co-ordinate them with a sequin pant or skirt for occasion wear - Christmas lunch perhaps – and straddle that line between high and low when you are not sure how the others are going to dress.

Basic items that are fresh and new can take you anywhere and you will get the benefit of multiple wears! The perfect T-shirt. The simple jean that fits you just right. The Silk Pant you reach for time and time again because it’s so easy, comfortable, flattering and works with so many looks. This is the definition of Jane Ramsay brand and Luxury Basics.

They are the essential staples you need not only to carry you through the holiday season but all year round!
***NOTE: The opinions and topics covered in this Blog are intended as a conversation with the reader, and reflect my own personal views and opinions, and are not intended to represent expert knowledge or advice.

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