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Posted on July 29 2016

It has now been a month since we closed our retail stores in anticipation of my move to HONG KONG  at the end of this year.  The overwhelming positive feedback and sentiment from so many of our customers both long standing and those who only just discovered the brand as our stores were closing, was so humbling. Indeed it was great for the whole JR team to hear that not only did people love JR clothes, our stores were a place that they liked to visit and were made to feel welcome even they were not  “shopping” . The JR retail team was a wonderful group of girls/women that I was privileged to have work with me. They each brought a genuine approach to their daily work, and an enthusiastic love of the brand. 

Now as the Jane Ramsay brand moves forward into a solely digital incarnation, and it has been reassuring to see that even as our retail doors close our brand supporters have been continuing to support us by enthusiastically shopping online.

As we have now completed a full stock-take post closure we have a few more bargains to send your way before we enter the new season, so stay tuned for emails over the coming weeks with further offers.

In the meantime, a multitude of thanks to each and every one of you, for your support of my brand. Five years ago I started Jane Ramsay with the view to create simple but stylish Luxury pieces that were appropriate for my busy every day life - so far it has been a fabulous journey!
***NOTE: The opinions and topics covered in this Blog are intended as a conversation with the reader, and reflect my own personal views and opinions, and are not intended to represent expert knowledge or advice.

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