Happy Mother's Day

Jane Ramsay

Posted on May 10 2012

My Mother died on the 9thof May some years before I had children myself, and as this date always falls on or around Mother’s Day it gives a particular significance to Mother’s Day that sadly I never fully appreciated when she was alive. Our Mother’s shape us in so many ways, but this year as Mother’s Day approaches I thought I would consider her influence on my style.

As a designer I’d love to be able to write that my Mother had impeccable taste and style, and that as a child I sat dreamily watching her with aspirations that one day I too would be so glamorous…but I can’t! My mother was a widow at 30 with 4 small children to raise, so although she loved clothes, fashion was never high on the agenda. In fact my Mother’s single greatest contributing factors to my own style were the things she didn’t do, coupled with the fact that she allowed me to find my own fashion way without a lot of in-put… And looking at the incriminating photographic evidence of my various fashion failures I wish there had been an easier way! Yet even with her ‘hands off approach’, she did leave a couple of legacy contributions to my style. One is animal print - which is an enduring favorite fashion of mine. The other is less is more, just be yourself.

Now as a mother myself I am in the role of influencer, and I recognize that style is both an instinctual pursuit as well as a learned behavior. My own daughter already loves a good leopard print, and from her earliest days she has been drawn to a great pair of shoes! She has strong opinions and tastes, yet because we both share a love of clothes and dressing up, there is no tension in our discussions of what to wear. To both of us fashion is just fun! Now at 7, I see her making choices on her own that reflect some of the principles I’ve taught her, yet in her own way. She has a confidence I never had and that feels great… because if you pass on one piece of style advice to your daughter I think it should be: 

“True style is to wear what makes you happy, and wear it with confidence!”

***NOTE: The opinions and topics covered in this Blog are intended as a conversation with the reader, and reflect my own personal views and opinions, and are not intended to represent expert knowledge or advice.

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