First Jane Ramsay Store Opens!

Jane Ramsay

Posted on November 29 2012

Wow it has been the most amazing and busy past 5 months! There have been so many things to Blog about but so little time:-( But rather than re-cap on some of those achievements, I want to share monumental (for me:-) news... We opened the first Jane Ramsay store last Saturday 24th November, and the response has been amazing!
The wonderful thing about my first store versus the non-permanent "Pop-Up" shops I have been doing, is that it allows me to showcase my brand in the manner in which I intend - as opposed to just making the existing space of a Pop-Up work. It particularly helps customers understand the "luxury" of my deceptively basic foundation items such as the Luxury T-Shirts, Camilla Silk Cargo's and Jeans.
The store is a physical manifestation of my brand and website, however as it allows for a more personal ability to know my customers and them to know me - I have taken a slightly curatorial approach to some of the other items I have for sale in addition to my clothing. I am a minimalist by nature but I adore the warmth and 'non-manufactured' appeal of vintage items, so I have sourced various unique items that reflect my aesthetic, such as old milk churns, metal pails, brick moulds filled with candles, vintage suitcases that are perfect for stacking unsightly household bits (I keep mine stacked with kindling beside the fire-place), and divine "Master/Slave" scented candles that are from Sydney and smell amazing. I could go on and list all the items but instead come visit, because it's ever changing...


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