Fall 2012 Photo Shoot

Jane Ramsay

Posted on March 28 2012

The Event:  Last Sunday we completed the second Jane Ramsay collection photo shoot for the Fall 2012 Look Book, and had lots of fun in the process. Photo shoots seem glamorous but often they can be tedious and involve highly-strung individuals getting up-tight over various issues generally relating to control! There can be lots of waiting around, and snips about which party is the one holding up the process, but with this team there were no ego’s - everything just flowed along easily. They were just talented and professional people who knew what they were doing, and making the most of working on a Sunday. I am a big believer in working with nice people over all other factors, and then trusting each person to know what they are doing. I find that working this way not only ensures that you enjoy what you do, but also always elevates the overall creative outcome.

The Location:  Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens was where I chose, as this season a lot of my inspiration for both my color palette and prints came from nature and florals. Also for those who follow my Pinterest, you will know I just generally love green! Our friend James Tutton from Neo-Metro Architecture kindly loaned us his city apartment as a base for hair and make-up as it located one block from Gardens. In fact we actually managed to use several spots in and around the apartment, which made things even easier… Thank you James!

The Team:  I cannot rave highly enough about all the people involved! Once again the beautiful, talented and gracious  (is this too gushing?) Kendell Nunn agreed to be my model. The equally talented and all-round gorgeous guy David Cook (see more of his work at ) was the photographer, ably assisted by Jason - his friend and fellow photographer. The amazing and calm Alana Holmes performed magic with hair and make-up.  Yours truly was stylist and general go-pher on the day, and my youngest son Hunter  (11) was the behind-the-scenes photographer and videographer as well as general assistant.

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