CNY Style in the Year of the Dog

Jane Ramsay

Posted on February 16 2018

According to the Chinese zodiac this year is the Year of the Dog, and in the Lunar calendar New Years Day is February 16. The Dog is the eleventh animal in the zodiac and as the name would suggest it is said to symbolize honesty and loyalty. Those under this sign are thought to possess the best of human characteristics as they embody the straightforward and guileless traits we associate with man’s best friend. Honesty, humility, loyalty, intelligence, respectful, and without artifice. On the negative side their loyalty can turn into stubbornness, and they can also be critical, and self-righteous...
Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) is China’s most important festival or holiday, and is traditionally celebrated for 16 days from New Years Eve until the Lantern festival (March 2nd 2018). It is a time of national celebrations and holidays, and although here in Hong Kong the official Public Holiday dates are the 4 days – 16,17,18,19 February most local people take their main annual vacations at this time as so much of China shuts down for the entire 16 day period or longer. In the garment industry as many employees are migrate workers from all over China they traditionally have 4-6 weeks off as they return home to their families and villages. 
Although I am in no way a Chinese culture expert some of the traditions include eating a reunion feast, firecrackers to scare away the evil spirts and negative energy and start the year fresh, spring cleaning homes (for the same reason), new clothes, red lanterns (as red is believed to be an auspicious color), and of course the giving of Lucky Red Envelopes containing money to usher in the new year with prosperity to all. Despite not truly being privy to the underlying meanings and traditions  of CNY, as a Westerner I can only say that there is a happy holiday feeling in the air that is similar to what we experience at Christmas, and I love being here at this time.
So many of the activities revolve around going out to eat (which I also love!) with family and friends. But to soak up the atmosphere, we will also be getting out to watch the Cathay Pacific CNY Parade and would usually be in amongst the crowds watching the fireworks that will light up the Hong Kong harbour on New Years night. Sadly this year though these have been canceled due to a recent tragedy here in Hong Kong where 19 local people lost their lives and many more injured. Despite this there will still be festivities a plenty to enjoy across the holiday.
As usual an easy, comfortable but stylish approach will be my dress code! I will be wearing my Courtney skinny jeans, with a Luxury T’s as my base. I will wear the Violet lace Violet Trench Coat on top out to dinner on New Years Eve, and to the parade, my favourite red Gucci Jacket for that CNY luck. I might dress it up further with some bling and statement shoes. Woohoo!
For those of you like myself that love a bit of astrology I found this site  where you can determine your sign and read how you will fare in the year ahead
For those of you here in Hong Kong check out local resource blog post of What’s On and other CNY activity suggestions.

Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy New Year!

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