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Jane Ramsay

Posted on September 21 2018

There are 2 things that make my heart sing - Travel and Giving.
Both allow us to experience life in a deeper and broader way. As many JR blogs have shared a lot about our travels, I thought this blog would share a little about giving. I love being able to share Jane Ramsay as a vehicle for others to raise money for their many and varied causes. There are so many worthy initiatives seeking to help and support others - all of them incredibly worthy, but I thought I would share a bit about a recent project that demonstrates how a relatively small amount can make an enormous and wholistic impact.
We recently held an event at our showroom in Hong Kong for ADRA China (one of the over 130 different country offices that are part of the ADRA Network) in support of their incredible Biogas Initiative ( Each Biogas unit only costs $5500 HKD (approx $685 USD) but the difference they make is not only economically enormous to the families receiving them, but also environmentally enormous to the planet. ADRA China focus their initiative in Sichuan province of China, where it is hard to believe that many rural families subsist on approximately $4000 HKD ($500 USD) annually!! It is an agrarian society reliant on coal or wood burning stoves for cooking and heating, which is not only costly given the meagre funds they survive on, but the polluting smoke produced is also detrimental both environmentally and health wise. As the Biogas systems that ADRA China provide are fuelled by organic animal and plant waste, the families not only eliminate the need for coal and wood, they are creating a cleaner environment and a healthier life. The organic by-product produced by the Biogas unit is then able to be reinvested as fertiliser on their crops thus continuing the improved environmental/health/economic impact cycle.

Following the Jane Ramsay fundraising event, the ADRA China team shared some images of their subsequent trip to Sichuan province to show the funds at work. For Jane Ramsay to be able to donate $5500 HKD to ADRA China for a biogas unit that can positively impact both a family and the worlds environment only takes 30 people to purchase any one of the following and enter code #ADRACHINA at checkout and 20% of the proceeds will be donated toward another Biogas unit that is changing lives.

Pic 1: Orientation - learning how to build and properly lay bricks with ADRA China volunteers and Chinese government leaders!

Pic 2: Volunteers working hard to provide biogas systems. Also an idea of what the beneficiaries kitchen looks like (above left).

Pic 3: Volunteers scooping water out. View of the village where the beneficiaries live. Volunteers digging hole for a biogas system to be installed for. Group photo after finishing  3 days of hard work.

1st Pic is a beneficiary who didn't want his face shown but agreed to allow pictures of him holding bricks with which the biogas system is built.

2nd Pic: This beneficiary is extremely grateful for the help of the young volunteers who helped build his biogas unit and just thankful for receiving this life-changing unit.



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