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Jane Ramsay

Posted on October 22 2013

I’ve been a bit spoilt this year… Hawaii and Mexico mid-year and I’ve just returned from 8 heavenly days in Bali with my husband. We used to be annual travellers to Bali but have not been back in almost 10 years in favor of various other destinations. We found many changes, however the underlying vibe that has served to make Bali a travel favorite for so many Australians was the same as ever.
For me what makes it such a perfect destination to chill and recalibrate are a combination of things. First there is the proximity – only 6 hours – which by Australian standards is a blink, so when I’m feeling tired and in need of a holiday it is easy to contemplate! Second for me is the holy trinity of tropics, culture, and food. And last but not least, is the perfect combination of needing to do nothing but lie by the pool, and the ability to find something to do (ie shop or eat!) when doing nothing just gets too much!
As this trip was without our 4 kids we pretty much slept, sun-baked, and indulged in massages! And when we were not busy doing this we ATE!! Those who follow me on Instagram will know I ate my fair of Indonesian classic Nasi Goreng over the first few days, however when we did venture out of the cloistered luxury of the villa we had some great food and fun.
So thought I'd share some of the places where we found great food and atmosphere:
Woobar at the 'W' Hotel in Seminyak was great for sunset drinks and cool music
Woobar at the 'W' Hotel - great for Sunset drinks & cool music

Cool Art & Color in the 'W' Lobby

Potato Head Beach Club ( was a cool (figuratively & literally!) place to grab a midday bite and people watch while enjoying the sea breeze, although a bit too 'sceney' for my liking!
Bali style burger, fries, and coconut juice at Potato Head
Surf & people watch at Potato Head's
Mama San (
Asian – including Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Malay, Singaporean, Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese.
Super popular. The food was immaculately presented and we enjoyed all dishes but there was a definite sense of trying to get you in and out as quick as possible, and as far as a dinner for 2 goes a bit too noisy and sceney for my liking.
Crab dumplings at Mama San
Kuni’s Bali (
Japanese. An old fan of Kuni’s Melbourne I was pleasantly surprised to find the standard of Japanese food at Kuni’s Bali was impeccable. We met an old friend who lives in Bali here for dinner and I have to say in terms of actual food Kuni’s was the high-light of this trip.
Sardine (
Asian inspired predominantly seafood menu.
Sardine has a traditional Bali feel, set in a bamboo building overlooking immaculate rice paddy’s. It has a restaurant of the moment vibe about it, and definitely worth a visit.
Overlooking the rice paddy's - old Bali style.
Petitenget (
Owned by Sean Cosgrove who many know as the owner of the former “Corner Store” in Seminayak famous with many Melbournians as the only place to get a good coffee in Bali. Petitenget also does a great coffee and while open for breakfast, lunch and dinner we did breakfast which I can attest is great. We also did late night drinks on the Friday night and the place was pumping with an awesome atmosphere created by the fabulous live DJ and the great mix of both locally based ex-pats and tourists.
Petitenget - Great for coffee & breakfast!
Merah Putih (
High-end Indonesian.
Merah Putih is one of the newer restaurants in Bali and is truly spectacular in terms of architecture and design. Definitely recommend it for a night out. All dishes we ordered were excellent and the coconut mojitos were delicious!!
Stunning Interior - Merah Putih
Coconut Mojitos - YUM!!
Motel Mexicola (
Mexican like the name infers☺
Motel Mexicola is a lot of fun and is perfect for a stop over in the heat of the day for some guacalmole and frozen margaritas! Apart from yummy Mexican food, the décor and music are also worth a mention.
Motel Mexicola
Motel Mexicola Entrance. Love the stunning colours!
Margarita time Motel Mexicola style!
How are these colours??
La Luciola
Indonesian inspired Italian in Seminyak
This restaurant has been around since I first started going to Bali and it doesn’t matter how many new places I discover it is still my favorite. In my mind it simply cannot be beaten for location, décor, food, and atmosphere. Just sublime and a must go for anyone.
La Lucciola still my favourite for a romantic dinner for 2!
Grocer and Grind (
Definitely stopped by a few times for a coffee fix! Seemed like a popular place for locals and tourists alike to catch up on daily emails as well as drink coffee.
Grocer & Grind Seminyak
Drifters Surf Shop & Cafe (
A surf store with a retro style coffee shop on the side that served what we thought was the best coffee on our trip. Melbourne style with a Bali touch with the "Swan" formed in the coffee froth:)
Check out the coffee swan!
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