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Jane Ramsay

Posted on February 19 2016

/ luxury basics

With each new season those of us who are committed to style rather than trends, update those elements of our wardrobe that are paramount to appearing well groomed and stylish. It is these pieces that I call Luxury Basics.

/ definition: basic

The dictionary describes the word basic as an adjective as forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental. Or as a noun (basics) as the essential facts or principles of a subject or skill.

In both contexts basic is described as an "essential", yet in fashion terms it is often used to describe simple staples (pieces that are not special or non-essential in a fashion context) that having been purchased once are no longer required as the need has been satisfied.

/ luxury + basics

In contrast to the word basic the word Luxury is described as a non-essential - something that has an element of rarity or expense, and may be fleeting in its enjoyment but is desirable nonetheless.

It is for this reason I called my pieces Luxury Basics. They are essential basic fashion items constructed in delicate fabrications which feel amazing, and look amazing but require care and a commitment to renewal in order to keep yourself looking stylish and immaculate.

/ designer note: Jane

For me, to dress simply and stylishly requires a commitment to always keeping my basics fresh, new, and up to date, so each new season starts with an audit of my basics. Are all my Luxury T's looking fresh? Do my simple silk pieces require updating? Are my favourite jeans still looking optimal or do I need another pair for "good". Once these pieces are fresh and ready for trans-seasonal dressing I can then think about new season additional to update my look.


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