CALL OF THE WILD... Animal print is the new neutral!

Jane Ramsay

Posted on September 19 2013

It seems that Animal print is just not going away. In fact it seems to have made that transition to an almost ‘neutral’ status. That is, it’s the perfect foil to almost anything!

For those who know me it will come as no surprise that for me it achieved this status years ago, but for many people they find it difficult to disassociate it from a tarty, bad taste image, or the overt glamour of old Hollywood – that over-the-top, red lipped, large sunglasses, and big jewels look! I made the comment to someone last week in an off-handed way “You can’t go wrong with leopard print”, when it suddenly occurred to me…”Oh yes you can!” Leopard can make an entrance and impact that befits the exalted status of a Movie or Rock Star … or a hooker! Nothing straddles that line between good taste and bad quite like Animal print. It’s this ‘tension’ that is part of its’ on-going allure. So with this in mind I thought I would share my ‘How-To-Guide’ on Animal.

For me when I think of the perfect way to wear Animal print (specifically Leopard & Snakeskin), I think of Kate Moss. She has this way of throwing it into her looks in an ‘I just threw this on without thinking about it’ way that seems to always strike the perfect balance between good taste and that little bit of ‘rock-and-roll’. I think the key is in her understanding of the fact that like Denim, Black or White, Animal print can work with just about anything.

It’s the ability to counter the over-the-top feel, by wearing either leopard or snake back with basics as a foil to its’ natural flamboyance. For this season Leopard works back perfectly with Distressed denim or Chambray, and I am absolutely loving Snakeskin with White denim. Other times walk on the wild side with Accessories by teaming an Animal print Scarf, Shoe or Clutch back with a Classic Dress, or a Luxury T and Camilla Silk Cargo Pants. If you want to up the glamour ante add a piece of Statement Gold Jewelry!

Basically wearing Animal is all about confidence… And NOT over-doing it!! So this season find your Animal Instinct!


***NOTE: The opinions and topics covered in this Blog are intended as a conversation with the reader, and reflect my own personal views and opinions, and are not intended to represent expert knowledge or advice.

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