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Jane Ramsay

Posted on March 06 2012

With the inaugural Jane Ramsay collection I wanted it to reflect my philosophy of dressing. As a busy professional woman my life incorporates a myriad of facets. Add to that I have four children and the exclusive fashion world of fast trends I once inhabited does not meet my needs. What I dress in and how I dress reflects simplicity. Don’t be fooled though. Looking effortless takes work! There is a foundation to my wardrobe and to this first collection. It encompasses the colors and pieces that allow building upon and adding to! I wanted the people who chose to engage with my brand to start at the very beginning so to speak, with the key essentials.
With this in mind, many of the pieces in this collection are designed to be around next season and the season after. The Luxury T’s, the jeans, the silk cargo pants, the leather jackets, the furs... these are all timeless and will be on-going styles. The styles and the colors of each of these pieces will work back with future collections. My ‘formula’ for dressing is that in order to always look put together there are certain key shapes, items and colors you need in your wardrobe. If you have this foundation you can then buy only a few pieces each season and still look current, up-to-date and on-trend.
Further to this foundation concept, let me share some of my color philosophy. The four foundation shades are White, Black, Nude, and Charcoal (soft grey). These four colors work back with everything, and I spent a lot of time choosing just the right hue in each so they are flattering to blondes, brunettes, and red-heads alike.
Remember a big part of my back ground was fashion forecasting, so you will always find key influences there. They will just be interpreted in a luxurious and pared back manner that enables them to become life time favorites as well as on-trend for this season. To take the inaugural season for example some of the key trends incorporated in this deceptively simple group are photo prints, neon brights, and furs. However as it is the first collection I also chose to incorporate some iconic themes that I strongly identify with on a very personal level...
The Sunset Boulevard print is totally LA and also the fact that I grew up in the tropics. I lived in Los Angeles in the 1990’s where I started my fashion forecasting business and had a totally awesome time. I can’t see those tall palm tree silhouettes and not feel glamorous! The Wild Horses print is my love of horses. Horses were my first true love! Magnificent creatures, so graceful and beautiful. The Dream Weaver feather print expresses my spiritual side and gives a nod to Native American culture that resonates with both current fashion trends and my long held interest.
I want to finish with a special nod to the humble jean and t-shirt. Whether these pieces are in fashion or out of fashion, there is no one of true style who does not know the power of a jean with an awesome fit, a T-shirt that falls just so coupled with a simple flip-flop or $1000 heels and great jewellery. These pieces are true luxury and I have sought to have amazing Luxury T’s in great shapes and fabrication, and jeans that fit perfectly. These are truly the pieces to start our fashion journey together with. Enjoy!

***NOTE: The opinions and topics covered in this Blog are intended as a conversation with the reader, and reflect my own personal views and opinions, and are not intended to represent expert knowledge or advice.

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